Marching on

Posted: 06/05/2016 in Uncategorized

We find ourselves at the stage of the season now where nothing seems glamorous and the reality of a long summer ahead starts to set in. Last month we took a small number of the team to race at the Devon 1km event, where we came away with 4 PB’s, 1 SB and a relay team gold with absolutely zero preparation and slap bang right at the end of a heavy training week. I was delighted for the boys who trusted my decision to just crack on with the bigger picture and next season the focus, not willing to disrupt the periodisation of the training cycle.FB_IMG_1460547006476

Now we find ourselves staring at around 5 months of graft before we can start switching to race preparation work etc. It’s tough.

The team has once again taken more casualties, as predicted, and we now hold at 15 strong. What we do have is some seriously committed individuals who continue to follow my lead and trust my guidance as we make headway. All the time improving, learning and gaining experience whilst training relentlessly day in, day out. We met after the Devon racing to hold a team training day and where some technical flaws were ironed out. We also got under way with 1RM testing in preparation for the strength work which is now in full swing. 2 other training days followed for the absentees and those who continue to show commitment in search for perfection and being the best they can possibly be. It’s a privilege to coach such athletes.

Coming towards the end of the 3rd off season cycle the volume shifts up another notch heading into the summer as the heat will provide another obstacle amongst the other pressures of parenthood, full time jobs and the ever going life battles. One thing is for sure and that is we continue to fight.



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