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Welcome to my blog which documents my journey through highs and lows previously in the world of Indoor Rowing,  racing on the international circuit for 3 seasons. I initially rowed for the Royal Navy, but was then fortunate enough to be invited to row on the Q-Power team under the guidance of my coach and mentor James Bailey.


However, in March 2014, I retired from Indoor Rowing after just 3 years with severe lower back issues having competed at 3 World Championships, finishing as high as 5th in 2013 [Men’s heavyweight 30-39] and with a 2km PB of 6.07.6. I also gained success at National level winning 2 National Championships and holding 3 consecutive Royal Navy titles. [All blogs are archived at this site].

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I attempted a comeback just 6 months later, but it was short lived and lasted just a few months, breaking down once again with constant back spasms despite the support from specialists from around the world.

In late 2015 once again I attempted a third and final come back. It was short lived as I seemed to just damage myself further.

Now, embarking on a journey appointed as the Royal Navy Indoor Rowing Team Head Performance Coach I look to gain success and help the RN athletes achieve their goals. I have created the Performance Programme which is a select system that caters for only the committed. I have had numerous enquiries, but am only willing to take on those who are willing to dedicate themselves to achieving goals that we share in common. Many trial and soon realise it is probably not for them due to the workload required. We currently have a select few, some of whom are capable of winning age group medals at National level and beyond.



Further to this I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Level 3 Strength & Conditioning coach. I am also growing as a coach and gaining knowledge in further education by studying for a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science.



Should you want to contact me for any coaching or advice please find me on Facebook or use ollieosbornept@yahoo.co.uk



This is (was) my journey …………




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